Clients Speak


Managing Director, Linc Pens and Plastics

For a company like ours that manufactures a mass advertised product, there is a corresponding responsibility to enhance corporate brand among our suppliers, bankers and stakeholders. This is where a faithfully designed and researched annual report has been a big help.

V. Bhandari

Managing Director, Supertron Limited

My learning is that if a company does not tell its best stories in its own report, it is losing an opportunity. So even though the annual report has not been legally binding on our privately held company, I consider it to be an effective brand builder. This has done wonders for our transparency with multi-national principals and bankers.


Vice Chairman & CEO, Zensar

We have used Trisys to create annual reports that have value for all stakeholders - shareowners, customers, employees and the community. They are a very creative team.


Senior Vice President, Srei Infrastructure

An employee may not be aware of the strategic corporate direction especially in a company with a number of services. Despite working as head of communications, I was able to fully comprehend the company’s business model only while working on the annual report. “Trisys understood our business model and created the right strategic structure to communicate to shareholders. Besides, the report also works as an ambassador document for a senior person being inducted into the company.


CEO & Joint Managing Director, Greenply

Various prominent investors and research houses have appreciated our annual report over the years - for our ability in presenting key financial data, business reality and the contextual industry information in which our performance was achieved. Trisys made it possible!


Wholetime Director, JVL Agro

Over the last few years, our annual report has been appreciated by banks and prominent shareholders for its detailed information, corporate initiatives and prospects. Coming as we did from Benaras, the annual report painted a positive picture in the minds of existing and prospective investors about our intent and this was reflected in our improved stock pricing.


Company Secretary, Matrix Laboratories

Since Trisys had worked with Matrix Laboratories, we had faith in its understanding of the Indian and global pharmaceutical industry. We are happy with Trisys’ promptness and smooth work flow.


Managing Director, Magma Fincorp

We have been getting rave reviews for our annual reports done by Trisys over the last decade and the international award in 2011 (Magma’s annual report 2010-11 was ranked among the best in the world during the LACP competition) is only a vindication of our long standing world-class standard.


Company Secretary, Joyalukkas

Trisys was recommended to us by JRG Securities Ltd who were availing its services. The designing of our annual report was appreciated by our Board of Directors and one of our Directors even recommended Trisys to a prominent Kerala company on which he is a Director.


Chairman, The Sanmar Group

For the last few years, we have been engaging Trisys to produce sustainability report in addition to the annual report. This report has a triple-bottomline aspect to it, indicating that the business is sustainable for employees, community and the environment. Trisys has been a reliable service provider, with excellent aesthetics guiding their design ideas and an all-round business understanding. We are happy with the promptness of their project execution. One of our reports won an international award and we have no hesitation in stating that this enhanced our corporate respect.


Former Investor Relations Officer, Reliance Industries

When I was working with Reliance, we engaged Trisys to produce an intellectual capital report, which was among the first such instances in India in those days. Trisys mapped the company and produced a landmark document. During the ensuing AGM, Dhirubhai Ambani announced that this document would be sustained year on year (but for some reason the exercise could not repeated).


Managing Director, Sintex

We were happy to engage Trisys to produce a book celebrating India’s World Cup victory in 2011. Trisys produced the book in 50 days - faster than any one in India and this book proved to be a big hit.


Corporate Communications Officer, Adani Group

We engaged Trisys to produce a comprehensive document on the ‘2020 Vision’ of our Group as enunciated by our chairman Gautam Adani. They produced a comprehensive document covering all our businesses with a perspective on how the business stood in the present and how it would grow over the foreseeable future. We have worked with Trisys since.


Managing Director, Balrampur Chini Mills

As an extension to our annual report, Trisys convinced us to publish an intellectual capital report, which was a non-conventional non-accounting perspective on our company. This helped us in the valuation process as analysts were able to arrive at our corporate depth and delivery capability. The result is that we became the sugar company of high recall among analysts and institutional stakeholders.