so, what's the big deal about annual reports, anyway?


An annual report captures the soul of a company and its leaders. Done wrong, it can damage a company's image.
The printed annual report is the one corporate document investors and analysts are most likely to consult before making investment decisions. There can be brochures, press releases and presentations, but when it comes to the single most important public document, there is nothing to beat an information-rich, well presented annual report. Period. The annual report enables a corporate to extend its personality beyond a corporate office or a factory. In a world where stakeholders are more geographically dispersed than before – international and national – the annual report plays the role of an ambassador. Not merely to communicate with the financial community and stakeholders; but to enhance the corporate brand across a much wider audience. So who should you trust the production of such a report with?
Allow us a minute to present our credentials.  


How is the annual report produced by Trisys different?

It has the ability to map the corporate DNA
of a company
It extends the corporate DNA into a compelling copy
that reflects a company’s competitive advantage
It has the ability to write complex business concepts in lucid
English, making it reader-friendly to shareholders and employees
It helps extend corporate reality to communications - without the
hype but based solely on the hard facts
It responsibly extends the corporate brand identity into a designed reality.
Trisys is a content specialist and a design house. The result: our business
understanding extends seamlessly into design – design that is faithful, relevant and effective
It is an integrated solution (from
research to printing/digital)
It has the ability to enhance
a company’s corporate brand
Trisys is a content specialist and a design house. We pioneered the concept of a “dedicated annual report consultancy” in the country.

On the premise that a generalist would be caught out of depth in grappling with and de-fogging the formidable dictionary of corporate India. One needs an amalgamation of business knowledge, an understanding of the capital markets and superior communication skills to produce a document that clicks.

When Trisys produced the first out-sourced researched analysis of the sugar industry at the behest of Balrampur Chini (then Bhabnan Sugars) in 1993, the markets reacted by spiraling the stock 12 fold.

Responsible communication in the capital markets never bites the dust. Trisys has doggedly been working for the last two decades finding truth in this conviction time and again.

And in doing so, continues to be India’s leading financial and corporate communications consultancy.

The Trisys

We bring to the table an incisive and deep understanding of businesses accreted over 20
years of working with different industry sectors and conceptualising, researching and
producing more than 1600 reports


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